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Kalidass Murugaiyan (Kalidass)

Associate Director

A seasoned advocate, Kalidass served as a prosecutor with the Attorney-General's Chambers for more than 10 years between 2001 and 2012. In recognition of his good performance and service, Kalidass was awarded the National Day Commendation Medal (Pingkat Kepujian).

As a prosecutor, Kalidass handled numerous cases involving property offences, offences against the person, white collar crimes, serious drug offences, regulatory offences, among others.

Leveraging on his experience in prosecuting for over 10 years, Kalidass brings a rare proposition to the table as Defence Counsel.

While he is firm and tenacious on his feet in court, Kalidass never fails to see the human element in the cases he handles. On many an occasion he has provided crucial moral and emotional support to his clients who face serious criminal charges. He firmly believes in helping his clients in a holistic way and thus not only looks at resolving the matter at hand but also at resolving the underlying cause, if any.

As Defence Counsel, Kalidass has continued to excel professionally. He was recently praised by the Court for turning the case around for an accused person who was facing a drug trafficking charge. Despite having only been involved in the case at a late stage, Kalidass managed to argue that the presumption of trafficking against his client ought to be rebutted. He did so by a thorough analysis of the evidence and formulating a strategy to prove his client’s innocence of any intention to traffick in drugs.

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