Our client was charged with molesting a stranger in a night club. Having been appointed immediately after our client’s arrest, the Trident Law team acted swiftly to procure all video footage and accounts of potential witnesses.

We ploughed through 14.3 gigabytes worth of CCTV footage consisting of more than 48 hours of video. Led by our Mr R. Thrumurgan, the team produced a 11 minute-video footage professionally combined from 5 different cameras located within the club.

Representations were made to the Police (before our client was charged) and the Attorney-General’s Chambers (after our client was charged). Although the Representations provided adequate bases for our client’s innocence, they were rejected, and the matter was scheduled for a trial.

Yet, a week before the trial, the Prosecution applied to Court for the withdrawal of the charge against our client. Our client was given a complete discharge amounting to an acquittal.