2 of our clients were charged with others for having committed murder at a local KTV club. When our Mr. R. Thrumurgan was engaged shortly after our clients were arrested, he acted quickly in meeting the clients in remand and obtained full accounts of what transpired. Mr. R. Thrumurgan then made several scene visits to the KTV club to procure evidence in support of our clients.   

Because we rolled up our sleeves and acted expeditiously, Mr. R. Thrumurgan managed to establish that an independent witness (a mamasan at the KTV club) could corroborate our clients’ defence. Armed with that crucial corroborating evidence, our Mr. R. Thrumurgan persuaded the Prosecution to reduce the murder charges against our clients to charges of unlawful assembly. Both our clients were eventually placed on probation.

It is critical for clients to engage a good criminal lawyer as soon as possible. At Trident Law, we leverage on the advantage of early engagement with a quick yet thorough assessment of the situation and a comprehensive follow-up action to act in our clients’ favour.