Our client, a general manager of a high-end KTV establishment, was charged with causing the death of a video jockey who worked in the same KTV. The case against our client was that he kicked the deceased out of a bus which was then travelling along the CTE.

The driver of the bus testified that our client had intentionally kicked the deceased out of the moving bus. Our client, who was heavily intoxicated at that time, had no clear recollection of what transpired. However, he was adamant that he had not kicked the deceased.

Having very little to work on, our Mr. R. Thrumurgan did a comprehensive study of the evidence tendered by the Prosecution and did scene reconstruction analyses based on the objective evidence.

The needle in the haystack was found when Mr. R. Thrumurgan examined the shoes of the deceased. The pattern of scuff marks on the soles of the deceased’s shoes appeared to be inconsistent with the Prosecution’s case theory or the evidence provided by the bus driver. Our Mr. R. Thrumurgan’s assessment of the evidence was validated by 2 forensic experts from the United Kingdom who testified on our client’s behalf.

At the trial, scientific evidence was rigorously contested. Fortunately, our appreciation of the evidence and our ingenious game plan to prove our client’s innocence resulted in our client’s acquittal on the homicide charge.

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