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It's Never Too Early to Plan for Their Future

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Will and Estate Planning Lawyers for Singapore

Succession and estate planning are increasingly becoming an essential part of our lives. At Trident Law, our lawyers advise and help you with the preparation of a Will, inter-vivos gifts and creation of trusts on your assets.

Understanding the importance of estate planning

Having a strong vision for how your assets will be managed after death as a reliable mechanism to enforce your Will is something every Singaporean should ensure they have. At Trident Law, we’re able to assist you with Will writing so that there is a clear, unambiguous explanation of your wishes for your family and friends.

Our lawyers can also advise you in ensuring that you receive the best care possible even when you are incapacitated by serious illness.

Will Writing

Making a Will alone isn't enough. You need to make one that best achieves your aim of providing for your loved ones.

The magic in the structuring of a Will is done through scenario planning. By doing so, your wishes can be translated into directives that remain permanently in place. Beyond this, we add further value to our will writing service by assessing your various risk areas in order to craft an individualized solution catering to your distinct needs.

Lasting Power of Attorney/ Appointment of Deputy

With insurance and wills, we plan for the lives of our loved ones after we are gone. But what is often forgotten is what we can prepare for while we are still around. What counts when we are still alive and well, are the decisions we can make in our best capacities before life’s adversities hit us. This is where the LPA comes in – by deciding in advance who to act on our behalf when we are unable to.

With an LPA, the burden on your loved ones is significantly reduced. Unnecessary conflict and confusion over who should act on behalf of the said person is prevented. Through the LPA, we can protect our interest by appointing a deputy in advance, while still fully aware and conscious. This deputy will be trusted to make decisions when you are no longer able to do so. This very importance of the LPA is increasingly felt amongst Singaporeans as applications increased by a whopping 160% in 2015 as compared to 2014.

At Trident, our experienced lawyer will explain to you the following:

  • Importance of making an LPA and its circumstances and processes.
  • How LPA forms tie in together with the Making of a Will.
  • Making of nominations under Insurance Policies which tie in as part of Estate Planning.

Reported in The Straits Times on 28 January 2016.

Probate and Non-Contentious Probate

Beyond the above, our lawyers also have significant experience in both contentious and non-contentious probate and letters of administration matters.

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